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Alan’s Factory Outlet is a family run business owned and operated by me, Alan Bernau Jr and my wife Julie for over 15 years and we’ll help you find the perfect carport for your needs.

20 Year Warranty
  • ONLY pay on delivery (With a small deposit)
  • Made-to-order in the U.S.A
  • FREE delivery AND installation
  • 20 year rust-through warranty on 12 gauge
  • We’re only a phone call away

“Service was like nothing I’d ever experienced before! Thrilled with the storage building”

- Mike and Sharon - Marshall, Virginia

Here’s how it works

All of our buildings are custom-made so select a delivery area first then your options and we’ll confirm your pricing and only pay a small deposit to book delivery.

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Here is a list of the 27 states we service for the carports at Alan's Factory Outlet. Delivery may not be available in all locations.





District of Columbia

Florida (In Florida some Counties have special permit requirements, below is a snap shot showing the Counties grayed out that we do not service)




Kansas (In Kansas we only service a portion of the State, below is a snap shot showing the Counties grayed out that we do not service)


Louisiana (In Louisiana as a some of the Counties require certified and require a permit)




New Jersey

New Mexico

New York (For New York we only service a portion of the State, below is a snap shot showing the Counties grayed out that we do not service)

North Carolina (Select Counties in North Carolina require that you pull a permit and that you order it certified)


Oklahoma (Below is a snap shot showing the Counties grayed out that we do not service in Oklahoma)


South Carolina (Some of Counties require that you pull a permit and that you order it certified)




West Virginia

Alan's Factory Outlet has a wide variety of metal carports for sale. All of the carports come with a 1 year workmanship warranty from the date of installation. When you order a carport online with Alan's Factory Outlet, you have a choice of 3 different roof styles. The 3 different styles are regular, boxed eave and vertical roof steel carports. The regular style carports are the most economical of the 3 roof lines offered for sale online. Carports need to function properly in all weather conditions, so carefully consider your area's climate when you buy a new carport.

The regular style is the only one that comes in a rounded barn shaped roof. The regular style steel looks exactly alike at first glance but with one major difference and that would be how the roof sheeting runs. On the boxed eave carport the 29 ga sheeting runs length wise just like the boxed eave and vertical car ports with the regular style, but on the vertical roof carport the sheeting goes up and down which helps the snow or rain slide off. The vertical carport is the most expensive to purchase but is the strongest of the three carports.

On vertical roof the roof sheeting runs up and down. Designed for rain and snow to slide off of it.

Alan's Factory Outlet makes purchasing your new car port online easy and efficient. When you buy the metal carport online your credit card will only be processed between 10% to 17% deposit after you approve the order on the metal carports. The initial processing fee can be paid with credit card or check. The remaining balance is due after it is built or installed, and can be paid with either credit card or check, whichever is best for you.

Video on Carport Styles, Height Clearance and How to Order


Save on installation and shipping when you order with Alan's Factory Outlet. We currently offer metal carports sales in sixteen states. The metal carports are delivered and installed for free only to these states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

Alan's Factory Outlet metal carports and metal garages are built different in District of Columbia, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania such as the metal frame tubing 4' on center due to the heavy snow in these northern states. In these states certified package comes with 105mph and 35psf and you can upgrade for an additional cost to certified for 105mph and 65psf for IN, OH, PA, MD, NJ, NY and DC.

One other state that has different prices on the steel buildings is in Florida because all the structures in FL are required to be built certified for 150 mph with an option to upgrade to 180 mph.

The difference between the boxed eave and vertical roof style is the metal sheeting on the vertical roof is up and down which helps snow or rain slide off of the roof. The vertical style is the strongest style and we strongly recommend the vertical style on any carports 41' long because the longest roof paneling we have is a 36' long section.

If you're ordering a new car port online, please keep in mind the steel carports are only delivered and installed in AL, AR, GA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA and WV.

One of the benefits of ordering your carport online with Alan's Factory Outlet is that you can customize your carport to meet your needs. In fact, the carports at Alan's Factory Outlet are custom built in the style, size and color you want. The leg heights on them can be made taller in 1' increments to fit a wide variety of items such as an RV, motor home, tractor, tractor trailer, cars, trucks, farm equipment and a boat to name a few.

Before you purchase, browse carport color options online. Carports can enhance your property's attractiveness so make the most of your color choices. The 13 different colors available apply to the roof and the trim which is on the end along the roof line. If you close the sides you also get to pick the color for the sides. All of the metal sheeting comes in 29 ga and has a baked enamel finish.

The tubing on the carports come standard in 14 ga 2 1/2" square tubing. You can always upgrade to a thicker 12 ga tubing which is sized at 2 1/4" square tubing. The framing on the 12 gauge metal tubing comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.

You can put down either a level gravel pad or a concrete pad. If you are putting down a gravel pad we recommend making the gravel pad 2' longer and 2' wider than the size you order. If you are putting down a concrete pad here is a list of the recommended concrete pad size for each size carport or metal garage.

Recommended Concrete Pad Size on the Carports and Metal Garages
*All sizes are listed with width as first number and length as 2nd Number
*Always check with your local building code to see what is required for your location.
*Concrete Pad Length Needs to be 1' less than size of Carport or Metal Garage
Size of Carport or Metal Garage & Recommended Pad Size
12' Wide x 21' Long make pad size 12' Wide x 20' Long
18x21 make pad size 18x20
20x21 make pad size 20x20
22x21 make pad size 22x20
24x21 make pad size 24x20
12x26 make pad size 12x25
18x26 make pad size 18x25
20x26 make pad size 20x25
22x26 make pad size 22x25
24x26 make pad size 24x25
12x31 make pad size 12x30
18x31 make pad size 18x30
20x31 make pad size 20x30
22x31 make pad size 22x30
24x31 make pad size 24x30
12x36 make pad size 12x35
18x36 make pad size 18x35
20x36 make pad size 20x35
22x36 make pad size 22x35
24x36 make pad size 24x35
12x41 make pad size 12x40
18x41 make pad size 18x40
20x41 make pad size 20x40
22x41 make pad size 22x40
24x41 make pad size 24x40
*The reason the pad size needs to be 1' less on the length is because the listed size includes a 6" front and back end overhang. Make sure you do not have any bolts sticking up out of the concrete. We just need a level flat concrete pad as we will anchor it to the concrete for free and our holes are in different locations.

Estimated Delivery times for the Carports & Metal Garages

7 days to 30 days: 50%
30 days to 60 days: 40%
60 days to 90 days: 10%
90 days or more: less than 1%

The estimated delivery time frames are not guaranteed, but approximately 90% of the time the delivery is occurring within 60 days of the order being received by the factory. Please keep in mind that if you are in an area that receives any kind of winter weather, there is a greater chance of this exceeding the 90 day estimate because winter weather can make it difficult to complete an installation.

If your carport or metal garage goes over 90 days we will either offer upon your request a 10% discount off of the balance due once it is installed for the inconvenience or provide a full refund of your deposit if you wish to cancel.

Special Note For Orders Placed After October 1st:

Any installations/deliveries occurring in: DC, IN, MD, NJ, NY, OH & PA, will most likely be delayed until Spring, due to common winter storms in these states. Please be advised that during October 1 - Spring, the 90 day delivery guarantee does not apply, as there is a high probability these customers will have an extended wait.